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Backlog Grooming

Backlog grooming is an application to help your team provide estimations during Backlog Grooming meetings in an easy and convenient manner.

You can create interactive meeting where all the team members can participate at the same time and provide their respective estimations for various issues in your backlog. This application works equally good for all types of teams: whether your teams are distributed or remote or if they sit together.

Product Owner or Scrum Master can schedule the meeting within Jira and host the backlog grooming meetings. All the team members can work remotely and estimate the tasks without them being required to attend a call/ or be present in a meeting room. Once all the members in the team provide their estimate for an issue, the Product Owner or Scrum Master can accept (or reject) the estimate provided by the team. It could be an individuals estimate or Average/ Minimum/Maximum estimate or can ask team to re-estimate the story or task.